Built to go off-road where trucks and vehicles can’t, the 1451 Rechargeable Mini Mobile Light Tower (MMLT) is a rapid deploying, emergency area light, self contained inside a Watertight Protector Case. Its attached lamp head with LEDs can generate up to 1440 lumens of clean, brilliant light.

Assembling in minutes, the 1451 MMLT features a 2 meters telescoping light tower. The 1451 MMLT can give off enough light to cover an entire incident scene, Emergency work at night, OHE maintenance etc. The 1451 MMLT is powered by rechargeable battery that offers 10+ hours of peak light and takes a mere 6 to 8 hours for a full charge.


  • All components fold into the watertight case for storage
  • Self-c ontained can be easily moved around.
  • 24×2 light fitting mounted in an aluminum heat sink.
  • The pole extends to a Min. Height of 2 meters (approx).
  • Built-in-charger
  • Light Source: 8 LEDs inl fitting
  • Batteries : 1 Sealed Lead Acid
  • Unit is fully deployed in under 30 seconds
  • In-built Support Legs deployed within seconds (optional)
  • Stainless Steel Support Legs
  • All items are in built in side the case with wheels and extending handle-which makes it easy to transport


24 watt, 1440 lumens, multi-positional anodized aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens, waterproof, and operating temperature -40°C to 120°C. Approximate run time with full charge on the internal battery pack 10+ hours. Light source at 2.30 mtrs height will give 2000 lux.


48 watt, 2880 lumens, multi-positional LED ‘t’ bar, anodized aluminum housing with poly-carbonate lens, waterproof, operating temperature -40°c to 120°c, approximate run time with full charge on the internal battery pack S+hours. Light source at 2.30 mtrs height will give 4000 lux.

Input voltage of LED light fitting shall be with input voltage of 9-32 Volts DC. Each LED light shall be manufactured of die-cast aluminium ends and extruded aluminium body for strength and durability, and shall come standard with flat surface mounts and rubber shock isolators. Each mount shall slides along the lower extrusion to match any existing mounting holes and it shall allow for horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Instant lighting which can be widely used for lighting at Construction Sites, Tunnels, Accident Sites, OH E Maintenance, Open Area, Storage/Marshalling/Railway Yards, Highways, Coal Mines, Communications Tower Points, Sub-stations, Oil fields, Security Lighting, Bridges & Flyovers, Skyscraper Facades, Car Parks, Airports, Disaster Management/ Flood Rescue Operations, Field Camping, Fleet Maintenance, etc